i5 i501 i502 fast charging Single Port 5V 2A mobile phone charger in watts usb wall Charger US EU plug

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Product Safety Information
1. Keep the device dry. Rainwater, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that corrode electric circuits, if the device gets wet, dry it.
2. In order to avoid some safety problems, please use the wall charger correctly,Do not expose to heat, fire, or ambient temperature above 60℃(140°F). Avoid direct sun exposure.


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Product Advantage


The Total Output of 2.4A

Single / Dual USB port to allocate the maximum current required for different devices; smart IC to identify current output; to achieve the fastest charging speed saving time.

Security Protection

Intelligent IC control current, over current, overload, over temperature, short circuit multiple protection, in order to achieve the state of charge and protection!


More Convenient

Automatic voltage adjustment between 100v and 240v, compact size make the usb charger easy to carry along. Small and useful; palm size portable! The smart usb is ideal for charging common devices (phone/tablet, etc.) simultaneously. It provides convenience at home, in the office, or on the go.

Strong Compatibility

Built-in automatic identification system, usb port automatically identify connected devices, compatible with a variety of electronic devices. Charge your smartphone, tablets, headphones, speaker, cameras and other usb powered devices with only 1 outlet connection.


Product Feature

1. Built-in PC Fireproof Shell, with high-gloss surface treatment process. it is durable and easy to use;

2. 10 Safety Protection--Strictly Control the Phone Charging Voltage and CurrentReduce Battery Loss--including Overvoltage, overcharge Protection, Overdischarger Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Overreverse Protection, Overpower Temperature Protection, Short circuit Protection,Recovery Protection, Magentic Field Protection;

3. The voltage of 110-240V is used, which is universal; Suitable for AC100-240V power supply voltage inputcan be used in different countries and regions;

4. Built-in high-performance switching transformer, refuse to explode;

5. Using high-performance main control chip, good compatibility. The use of high-quality flame retardant polycarbonate mixed materials as the shell material , the professionaflame-retardant test, in line with the flame-retardant standards.

Product Partmeter


Name: USB phone adapter
Material: ABS; PC high temperature
Color: White
Program: IC program
Input: AC100-240V
Output: DC 5V 2.4A
Specifications: US regulations;EU regulations.
Product size: 45*33*23mm (i5 charger), 37*45.2*22.5mm (i501 charger), 40*45*26.5mm (i502 charger)
Package size: i5 package: 175*85*30mm, 40pcs/small box 320pcs/large box
i5 package: 40pcs/small box 320pcs/large box
i501 package: 87*125*24mm, 70pcs/small box, 560pcs/large box
i502 package: 87*125*27mm, 64pcs/small box, 512pcs/large box

Appearance: Innovative digital charge; real-time monitoring of current output. USB interface + intelligent IC control + multiple protection! The USB adapter can charge your phone and computer directly.It can be recharged repeatedly by plugging the adapter into a power outlet and connecting your device's USB 2.0 cable.Also applies to other digital products, including MP3, MP4, digital cameras and other digital products charging use.
Strong universal compatibility: Intelligent IC control, maximum single port 2.4A, fast charging for the tablet!
Applies to: major brands of smart phones and digital products.

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